Not a Walk in the Park

Kerstin Cooley has been around money and investments most of her career – from Silicon Valley in the early 90’s to the investment company she runs today. What makes some ideas fly? What’s the key to success for her as an investor today? And, if you’re company looking for investment, what should you think about? Let’s find out. Investment is a changing business and Kerstin Cooley’s in the house! A conversation over a coffee, about a changing world. #NAWITP

It took a personal breakdown to realise that life just passes by if you don’t take charge of it. Not a Walk in the Park #4 – “Breakdown” with professor Micael Dahlen deals with how some years passes by quicker than others, and the feeling that time accelerate with age. Why? Micael Dahlen knows. He’s done the maths – and how you can get more out of the time that’s ticking. A conversation over coffee, about a changing world. #NAWITP

From the job as communications officer at one of Sweden’s fastest growing telecom companies to become a full-time writer at one of the world’s biggest book publishers. Not a Walk in the Park #2 – BREAK-UP” with crime writer Gabriella Ullberg Westin is about going switching one career for something completely different. And daring to follow your dream, in a changing world. #NAWITP

The first episode of Not a Walk in the Park is here! “BREAKTHROUGH” with Markus Svensson, also known as the artist The Tarantula Waltz. From touring Europe with the likes of The War on Drugs, First Aid Kit and The Tallest Man on Earth, to a critically  acclaimed new album and a Sweden tour. Is he ready for his big break now? Has it already happened? What is a breakthrough today? A conversation over coffee, about a changing world. #NAWITP