Everyday fast-track early stage growth companies that can make a world of difference. We invest time, team, knowledge and money to take you from early stage to category leader. And we make business, people and value grow. Fast. Work hard, be brave, play nice, have fun. Everyday.


On the one hand: Beware of the humans! We’re tricky customers, all of us. Far too busy sorting our own lives out not to take what what’s being said at face value. This, of course, makes it hard for anyone looking for a bit of attention or to take up some of our valuable time. If we are struggling to keep up being parents, partners, siblings, lovers, colleagues or pals, then how are we supposed to care about a company or a brand in our everyday lives? And, perhaps more importantly, why should we?

On the other hand: When brands communicate with a higher purpose, their place in a larger whole, there’s every opportunity. From a marketing perspective, it’s about what role you can take in people’s lives to add real value, today and in the future. For real, that is. And then act on it. But this comes with some demands.


When everything’s transparent and the customer experience becomes everything, it is first and foremost not about what you say, but about how you act. Social and mobile channels and tools have quickly changed the playing field while the demands for a relevant and honest dialogue have never been greater. Digital and mobile solutions become marketing and marketing becomes digital and mobile. New services are being created based on the demands to be cutting edge but also because customers demand simpler, faster and better customer care. To add real value in people’s lives we can’t think in terms of what communication to fill the channels with, but how we are going to solve the business challenge in the best way possible.

TO 365 DAYS.

We aim to make a real difference. With innovation that means more for many, we explore new business models and revenue streams in ways that also add value in the consumer’s life. Everyday. Regardless of whether it’s a new idea, product or service that does the job. Or if the interaction is digital or analogue. On the shop floor or on a web site. On TV or in the mobile. In owned, bought or earned media.

We don’t come to market with a traditional around a communication idea that carries In all channels – 360 degrees. Instead, we look to create a presence based on customer needs, when and where it is most relevant – 365 days a year – in ways that are well founded in brand strategy and organization.


Making a real difference comes with some demands for any organisation. Not least our own here at Everyday. That’s why we build from the ground up. From a core of experienced people from advertising, the world of startups as well as business development, Everyday also consists of a network of specialists from development, design, music, film, PR and media for each project. But who does what only becomes relevant once we’ve identified the business challenge together. There’s simply greater value in that. For everyone. So what does your business challenge look like?



With innovation that means more for many, we explore new business models and revenue streams. Everyday. Regardless of whether it’s a new idea, product or service that does the job. As such our Everyday business portfolio contains strategic and creative consultancy projects, collaborations and investments in startups as well as the development of our own products, platforms and services.






There are no short cuts to success. You have to put the effort in. Always. Finish your job so that someone else can shine at theirs. And go that extra mile. But don’t be stupid. Listen to yourself and always keep your eye on the big picture. Ask. Reflect. Share. Work smart. Together. So that you can work your magic. Everyday.



This is how it works: Don’t work with douche bags. Don’t hurt. Don’t kill the planet. And don’t kill your soul. But do kill your darlings. And love your enemies. Get inspired. Then come back and do it even better.

Step out of your comfort zone. Grow. Say yes more often than no. But always dare to say no when things just don’t feel right. If unsure, ask someone you trust. Sometimes ”I don’t know” is the bravest thing to say in the room.

Trust your instinct. Be that round peg in the square hole. Stay hungry. Everyday.



Be honest. Don’t cheat. Be cool and people will be fair with you. Be kind to yourself. Open and transparent with others. Represent. And always be yourself. That’s why you are here.

Instant karma’s gonna get you.




Enjoy yourself. You know what to do. Everyday.