The future of public transport? This way forward with Samtrafiken.

From being on track to a future derailed.

Samtrafiken is owned by 38 of Sweden’s public transport companies and collaborate with even more partners to make public transport easier, more accessible and reliable. But in totally new ways. Because never before have so many people travelled so much at the same time, with so many choices to take us where we want to go in the best way possible. Day and night, all the time.

Our job is to strengthen what Samtrafiken does best, to clarify the road ahead – whether it takes you via water, air or land, two or four wheels, platforms on rails or in the mobile phone. The key is the combination – compatible mobility. From a one-track mind to a future completely derailed. This way forward.

Hur ser morgon- dagens bilägande ut? Suzuki visar vägen.
The car ownership of tomorrow? Suzuki leads the way.

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