How do you power your passion in the future? CTEK recharges the batteries.

From battery performance to never out of power.

CTEK is a leading manufacturer of battery chargers for both private and professional use. Coming from a cutting-edge technology perspective, the challenge now is to become more customer driven, and to see the opportunities of new services added, without cannibalizing on the current business. With more and more everyday devices connected, cloud based services and lean mobile solutions there is every opportunity to create new, exciting and relevant services and marketing that a makes a difference for real. Both for end users and companies.

Our mission, together with our partner HiQ and CTEK’s R&D, is to develop new services and business models to meet market demands as well as customer needs. And through this, strengthen and further CTEK’s leading position.

The future of public transport? This way forward with Samtrafiken.

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